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TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Rates for options are calculated as follows.

* Discounts are available only on basic rates.

  • Basic
  • Compensation
  • Option
  • Car Navigation and ETC device
They are standard equipments for free! Enjoy your driving with them!
TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo offers car navigation systems as standard equipments. Customers can enjoy driving even along unfamiliar roads. Another standard equipment – the ETC device– makes driving on expressways a comfortable experience, not include ETC card. Enjoy a comfortable drive.
Car navigation system
Rate (per rental)Free
Standard feature on passenger cars, wagons and SUVs.
* The map data in the car navigation system may not contain roads newly opened to traffic, and other latest information; please drive in accordance with traffic regulations.
ETC device
Rate (per rental)Free
Standard feature on passenger cars, wagons and SUVs.
  • Baby / Child / Junior car seats
For the safety of children!
The use of Baby/Child/Junior car seats is mandatory for children under six years old. If you will be traveling with a child (children) under six years old, please let us know when making the reservation. Baby car seats for infants under the age of nine months are also available. Customers are responsible for confirming that the child car seat (or baby car seat) has been properly installed.
Baby car seat
Weight: less than 9 kg
Height: maximum of 100 cm
Age: up to about 9 months
Child car seat
Weight: 9 kg – under 18 kg
Height: maximum of 100 cm
Age: 9 months – around 4 years
Junior car seat
Weight: 15 kg – under 32 kg
Height: 100 cm – maximum of 135 cm
Age: 4 years – around 10 years
Rate (per rental)
1〜3 days
JPY 550 (10% tax included)
Rate (per rental)
4〜6 days
JPY1,100 (10% tax included)
Rate (per rental)
7〜9 days
JPY 1,650 (10% tax included)
Rate (per rental)
10〜12 days
JPY 2,200 (10% tax included)
Rate (per rental)
13 days 〜1 month
JPY 2,750 (10% tax included)
  • Pets service
Travel with your pet – a cherished member of the family!
car models
Only wagons and SUVs
Please keep your pet in a cage, and place the cage in the rear luggage space. Spread the plastic sheet under the cage. Customers are requested to prepare their own cages. Plastic sheets are available from TOYOTA Rent a Car offices for JPY 550 (10% tax included) each. DO NOT take out your pet from the cage in the car. DO NOT feed or give water to your pet in the car.
If you will be traveling with a pet, please let us know when making a reservation.
If you are traveling with a pet, you will be asked to sign an agreement. Please download the agreement, sign it and bring it to the office when you pick up the car. Please read the notices and follow the instructions below.
  • Ski / snowboard racks
Let’s enjoy winter sports with rent-a-car!
Ski/snowboard racks are also available.
Rate (per rental)
Passenger cars
JPY1,100 (10% tax included)
Rate (per rental)
Wagons & SUVs
JPY 2,200 (10% tax included)
6 pairs of skis
(4 pairs
4 snowboards
and skis
2 snowboards
and 3 pairs
of skis (2 pairs
Please specify the number of pairs of skis and/or snowboards you intend to carry, in the reservation form when making a reservation.
* The number of pairs of skis and/or snowboards you can carry may differ depending on the ski/snowboard widths and shapes. For more information, please contact a TOYOTA Rent a Car office.
  • Snow tires and 4WD Charge
For driving on snowy roads!
The equipment for snow is essential to drive safely in Hokkaido during winter. Cars are fitted with snow tires as a standard feature in winter. The tires’ deeper grooves and special rubber provide a stronger grip in low temperatures on snowy and icy road surfaces. We also offer a diverse lineup of 4WD vehicles, which ensure smoother starting and driving on snowy roads compared with 2WD vehicles.
Snow tires
Rate (per rental)
Nov 1 – April 30 (all cars)
*The arrangement is done in each request except the period above.
Additional charge for 4WD
Additional charge
for 4WD
JPY 1,650 (10% tax included) / 24hours
* 4WD is a standard feature for SUV1 and SUV3 class cars
  • Model Selection Option
This option allows you to select the model of your choice when making your reservation.
JPN 2,200 (10% tax included)/ per rental
  • JAF Membership Card Rental
You can rent a JAF Membership Card for JPY 550 (10% tax included) / rental. Gain more peace of mind with safety, and get bargains during your rental car journey with the preferential discounts that come with the JAF Membership Card.
*The "JAF discount" does not apply to the rental car's basic rate.
*Not applicable to T2 (other than standard decks), T3, T4, or Bus classes.
*In instances of damage/loss, the cost of a JPY 2,000 (tax exempt) issuance fee is charged separate from other costs.
*If have used JAF road service, we are given the details from JAF (date and time, location, type of work done, etc.).
  • One-Way System
Return a car to any TOYOTA Rent a Car offices in Hokkaido
One-Way System is a convenient service that enables customers to return a car to any offices other than the one from where it was picked up. You choose a drop-off office from among the many TOYOTA Rent a Car offices. Moreover, this service is free if cars are returned to another office in the same area.

You can return a car to TOYOTA Rent a Car offices at airport office throughout Hokkaido.

One-Way fee