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Driving tips for snowy and icy roads

Winter has come a bit late this year, but finally everything started covering with snow, and yes on roads as well. For those who has a experience already driving on icy road or not, we'd like to give you today some tips of driving on winter roads.


       Use gentle impulses while driving. Accelerate gently, turn slowly, and brake carefully and early.

       Avoid unexpected quick movements and changes in speed or direction that could put you in a spin by leaving ample room between you and the next car. Anticipate turns and  stops well before they occur.

● You should allow at least two times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.

● See and be seen. Always keep your lights on while driving through rain, snow, and fog.

● You should be careful with "Black ice road" which forms when snow melts and refreezes on the surface of the road. It is more dangerous than regular icy road, because it's hard to see as it just looks wet road.

☆★Defensive driving is important to avoid accidents. Use these tips to help you stay safe when you drive on snow roads! Enjoy your stay in Hokkaido!

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