Tips for better fuel efficiency

Popular hybrid vehicles with superior fuel efficiency!

What is a hybrid vehicle?

Hybrid vehicles use two power sources, a gasoline engine and an electric motor. They automatically choose the best power option – whether to use only the motor or a combination of the motor and engine – depending on the circumstances for better fuel efficiency.

Are there any tips for better fuel efficiency?

Although you drive a hybrid vehicle in the same way as you would an ordinary car, there are several tips to improve fuel efficiency. Why not use them wisely and become one of the many eco-friendly drivers?

Advantages of new hybrid vehicles

No. 1 Keep a safe distance from the car ahead to prevent harsh braking.

Harsh braking is a primary cause of reduced fuel efficiency. Keep a safe distance from the car ahead so that you can apply the brake gently.


Drive at 80 to 90 kilometers per hour on expressways where such speeds re permitted.

Aerodynamic resistance is proportional to car speed, which means the faster you drive, the more energy is needed to overcome the resistance and therefore more gasoline is consumed. Please note that fuel efficiency is sharply reduced at 90 kilometers per hour or more.

Prius α The potential of hybrid vehicles. Click for more information.
Aqua Exciting environmental performance. Click for more information.
Prius 1.8L The evolution of Prius represents that of hybrid cars. Click for more information.

TOYOTA’s hybrid car lineup!

Prius α

Features of Prius α

● Outstanding fuel efficiency of 26.2km/L (*)
● Spacious interior and luggage space
● Noise levels so low you can hardly sense the engine noise and vibrations
● No special operations are necessary. Drives like an ordinary car.
* JC08 mode


The Prius α, five-seater, and is one size larger than the conventional Prius model. It is like a wagon version.

Interior/luggage space

The Prius α has a comfortable interior and ample luggage space. Switches and knobs are conveniently placed near the driver’s seat for ease of operation and comfortable driving.

Driving/hybrid system

The optimal combination of engine and motor helps achieve greater fuel efficiency despite the spacious interior. The minimal noise of the engine and the lowest possible level of vibrations provide a smooth and comfortable drive.


Features of Aqua

● Amazing fuel efficiency of 34.4km/L (*)
● Easy-to-handle compact body
● Best-in-class safety and support features
● Ample luggage space
● Easy-to-use switch layout
* JC08 mode


The Aqua is characterized by its dynamic design – a particularly low chassis and instantly recognizable aerodynamic silhouette. Distinctive from both the front and rear, a compact yet reassuring presence.

Interior/luggage space

The Aqua’s interior has a liberating feel to it – both fashionable and easy to use. The simple layout of switches makes for ease of operation and is free of visual complexity.

Driving/hybrid system

The latest compact hybrid system has contributed to the superb fuel efficiency and driving performance, as well as to its spacious interior. It enhances the joy of driving.

Prius 1.8 L

Features of Prius 1.8 L

● Outstanding fuel efficiency of 34.0km/L (*)
● Spacious interior and luggage space
● Noise levels so low you can hardly sense the engine noise and vibrations.
● No special operations are necessary. Drives like an ordinary car.
* JC08 mode

<HV2 Class>


The Prius 1.8 L is characterized by its lower ventilation resistance, beautiful silhouette and an enlarged lower radiator grille for optimized cooling. The design provides a sense of warmth.

Interior/luggage space

The Prius 1.8 L offers seat arrangement flexibility. It has multiple storage spaces and enhanced comfort, storage and luggage carrying performance.

Driving/hybrid system

The Prius 1.8 L has achieved the outstanding fuel efficiency of 34.0km/L. Its driving performance is comparable to that of a 2.4-liter vehicle, and its electric motor helps reduce emissions. The car’s low noise level is also not to be missed. Three driving modes make it an ideal choice for either a sporty experience or a quiet ride.

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