Information on four-language navigation system
English・Korean・Chinese・Japanese guidance Numerous introduction!! OPTION FREE OF CHATGE!!

In addition to Japanese and English, it navigates you in Korean and Chinese,
so it is comfortable to be guided in your mother tongue language even for the first time on road.

POINT1 The map is described in English!Choose audio guidance from English, Korean and Chinese!  POINT2 Enter phone number or map code for destination setting.

Some parts of representation will be described in Japanese.

The four-language navigation systems Equipped in some of the following cars

※Please select car navigation system language when you book a car.

GPS Navigation System Multilingual GPS Korean Japanese Chinese English

Destination on our GPS can be set by entering phone number or map code.

Please prepare in advance. 1.Phone number (hotels and sightseeing facilities) of the destination 2.Map code of the sightseeing spot MAPCODES of popular sightseeing facilities
Entering phone number Phone number starting with Japan’s country code (+81) is not available on our GPS.※If you have phone numbers with +81 (country code), replace +81 with 0 How to set a destination 1

①Press "メニュー(MENU) “ button


②Touch "Destination"


③Select "phone number” or "map code”


④Touch "go here"


⑤Touch "他のルート” to switch to "general road” or other routes.


⑥Select a route then touch "決定(Comfirm)”. The distance, time required, toll fee will change depending on the route.


⑦Touch "OK"


⑧Please follow the highlighted line. The audio guidance will guide you while driving.

  • Please stop the car and set the parking brake on to operate the car navigation.
    *Please acknowledge beforehand that the car navigation cannot be operated while driving.
  • Some newly established roads and facilities will not updated on our car navigations. Please confirm your route before departure and follow the actual traffic rules and conditions as you drive.
  • *Due to the limited number of four-language navigation, please book in advance.
  • *We will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage, such as pecuniary damage including loss of profit stemming from any incorrect information in the map data or route shown.
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