Special Service for Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo Customers Hokkaido Expressway Pass The Hokkaido Expressway Pass offers visitors a way to use
the expressways in Hokkaido at a fixed, discounted price by using ETC system. For heavily user of expressway For long-days trip user of rent-a-car ETC card rental Pass through smoothly with ETC expressway! For hardly use of expressway For day-trip user of rent-a-car

We offer two kinds of service for expressway in Hokkaido!

1 HOKKAIDO EXPRESSWAY PASS Special service that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido's expressway through the ECT system, on flat rate. 2 ETC CARD The fee for expressway use will be charged in your returning.
1 HOKKAIDO EXPRESSWAY PASS is better! ※Pick up at six offices only 2 ETC card is better! ※Only depart at New Chitose Airport Poplar Office


Hokkaido Expressway Pass The "Hokkaido Expressway Pass" is a special product that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido's expressways at through the ETC system, one flat rate.
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a system which allows the use of an ETC card in properly equipped vehicles to pay expressway tolls through wireless communication to an antenna in the tollgate without stopping. This extremely convenient system bypass the hassle of stopping to pay.
Service Period

From November 18th, 2022

Availability by Area

All expressways in Hokkaido

  • ・A rental ETC card 330JPY (tax included) per car rental + Hokkaido Expressway Pass fee would be charged.
  • ・To be paid when you pick a car up. Consecutive Days will be counted as same as rental period of the car.
Handing Office

Available to purchase at this offices below,

Available to return at this offices below,
e.g. Pick up at "Sapporo Station office" and return at "Hakodate Airport office".

<TOYOTA Rent a car SAPPORO(札幌)>
All of our offices
<TOYOTA Rent a car HAKODATE(函館)>
・ Hakodate Airport office(函館空港店)
・ Hakodate Station office(函館駅前店)
・ Shin-Hakodate Hokuto office(新函館北斗駅前店)
<TOYOTA Rent a car ASAHIKAWA(旭川)>
・ Asahikawa Airport office(旭川空港前店)
・ Asahikawa Station office(旭川駅前店)
・ Furano office(富良野店)
<TOYOTA Rent a car KITAMI(北見)>
・ Memambetsu Airport office(女満別空港店)
・ Kitami office(北見店)
・ Abashiri office(網走店)
<TOYOTA Rent a car OBIHIRO(帯広)>
・ Obihiro Airport office(帯広空港店)
・ Obihiro Station South office(帯広駅南店)
<TOYOTA Rent a car KUSHIRO(釧路)>
・ Kushiro office(釧路店)
・ Kushiro Airport office(釧路空港店)
・ Nakashibetsu Airport office(中標津空港店)

※Hokkaido Expressway Pass has to be returned on same time with the car.
※For dropping off the car between different area, One-way charge will be charged on rental fee.


Please apply at the office when you pick up the car.

Use cases

Date) Dec 1, 2022~Dec 4, 2022
目的地) Obihiro(帯広)・Furano(富良野)・Sounkyo(層雲峡)・Asahikawa(旭川)

day 1 Start : New Chitose Airport Poplar Office(新千歳空港ポプラ店)
Destination : Obihiro city(帯広)
Stay : Tokachigawa hot spring(十勝川温泉)
Chitose I.C. (千歳) Otofuke Obihiro I.C. (音更帯広) Toll fee 4,010yen
day 2 Start : Obihiro City(帯広)
Destination : Furano(富良野)
Stay : Furano(富良野)
Otofuke Obihiro I.C. (音更帯広) Shimukappu I.C. (占冠) Toll fee 2,030yen
day 3 Start : Furano(富良野)
Drop by : Asahikawa(旭川)
Destination and Stay : Sounkyo Hot spring(層雲峡温泉)
Asahikawa Kita I.C. (旭川北) Kamikawa Sounkyo I.C. (上川層雲峡) Toll fee 450yen
day 4 Start : Sounkyo Hot spring(層雲峡温泉)
Destination : New Chitose Airport Poplar Office(新千歳空港ポプラ店)
Kamikawa Sounkyo I.C. (上川層雲峡) Chitose I.C. (千歳) Toll fee 5,010yen
Total Toll fee 11,500yen Hokkaido Expressway Pass、HOKKAIDO EXPRESSWAY PASS for 4 days Total Toll fee 6,200yen


ETC card ETC card rental makes your expressway use smooth. Just insert an ETC card into the ETC device, and go through ETC lanes to the expressway.
ETC card rental is recommended for you who drive long distance in a day or use hardly expressway in a few days trip.
Service Period

Whole year

Availability by Area

All expressways in Hokkaido

  • ・A rental ETC card 330JPY (tax included) per rental + Expressway toll fee would be charged.
  • The fee for expressway use will be charged in your returning.
Application for ETC card

Please apply at the office when you pick up the car.

How to use ETC card? 1 Please be sure to insert
the ETC card correctly. 2 Please make sure that the gate is for ETC with careful attention 3 Please maintain ample distance with other vehicles in the ETC lane. 4 Drive through ETC lanes at speeds below 20km/h
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