For first time users – from making a reservation to returning a car – the important notices regarding payment

From making a reservation To returning a car

STEP1 Get a quote and make a reservation online.

1-1. Why not check the information on the Top page?

Online reservation system is available before one hour of your pick-up.

1-2. A reservation will be complete when you receive an email confirmation.

1-2. A reservation is complete when you receive an email confirmation.

The email confirmation includes 1) your reservation number, 2) office name and telephone number and 3) reservation details. For convenience, it is recommended that you print out the email confirmation and take it with you to the office when you pick up the car.

STEP2 Sign a rental agreement at the office and get going!

2-1. Requirements for a rental agreement

●Driving license (of all the drivers)
●Credit card or cash (cash payment requires proof of identity.)

Please read the important notice about payment.

2-2. Explanations about the rented car

Before departing from the office, customers receive explanations about features of the rented car, insurance details, how to return the car, actions to be taken in the event of an accident, and other relevant matters.

2-3. Checking the car damage with a staff

● Please check the car damage before departure.
● Please feel free to ask any questions about features, such as how to operate the car navigation system.

Car navigation systems make your trip smooth!

TOYOTA Rent a Car offers car navigation and ETC device as standard features in passenger cars, wagons and SUVs. The car navigation system allows drivers to search for destinations by Japanese syllabary, telephone numbers and map codes, guaranteeing a smooth drive to all the way.

STEP3 Returning a car

3-1. Please fill the tank up with gasoline before returning the car.

Before returning the car, please fill the tank up at the nearest gas station and show us a receipt for confirmation when you return to the office. If refilling the tank with gasoline is not possible, you will be charged for gasoline at the office.

3-2. We offer One-Way System.

The“One-Way System”is a convenient system whereby cars can be returned to offices different from the one you picked up. In case of different area, One-Way charge will be required. Please mention it on reservation form.

3-3. Check the car damage with a staff

Please check the car damage in your returning, and make sure you have all your belongings with you.

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