Basic our systems

TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo has 25 offices in central Hokkaido. A One-Way System, which allows customers to return a car to any office in Hokkaido other than the one where picked up, is available. (Please note that the system is not available at some offices and with some car types.)
Business hours
From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
(Business hours may differ at some offices; please feel free to ask for more information.)
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  • Payment

When picking a car up, you are asked to pay an estimated rate based on the scheduled rental hours and charges for options. Any excess or deficit will be balanced when you return the car. A prescribed penalty will be charged if you overrun your scheduled rental hours without prior notice.

  • Requirements for payment

The way to make a payment is as follows:

To rent a car in the HV3・HV4・P4・P5・SUV3・Premium・SP1 class
Only credit card payment
Other than HV3・HV4・P4・P5・SUV3・Premium・SP1 class
Cash or credit card payment.
For cash payments
We ask you to show either of (1) and (2).
(1) Passport or alien registration card.
(2) The validity of your credit card will be checked.
  • Petrol charges

The rented car is provided with a full tank of petrol. Please return it with the tank full. If refueling is not possible, you will be charged for petrol at the office where you return. The charge will be calculated according to our prescribed mileage conversion table based on the actual mileage traveled.

  • One-Way System

A one-way rate will be charged if a car is returned to an office out of our area, such as Asahikawa/ Hakodate/Kitami/Kushiro/Obihiro.

* Please note that the One-Way System is not available at some offices and with some car types.

  • Options and other charges.

Options such as 4WD and child car seats, and other charges will be charged separately from the basic rate.

Option menu

If you’re traveling with a pet, you need to take a car type specified for pets with plastic sheets. Check the conditions on the Option page or inquire by email to:


  • Reservation changes / cancellations
Please contact us immediately if you wish to change or cancel your reservation. For cancellations, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged. Please note that the reservation will be cancelled if you fail to show up without prior notice, more than one hour after the scheduled time of rental.
Cancellation fees
Passenger cars, wagons, SUVs, HVs
7 days before
the scheduled rental day
Free of charge
6 to 3 days before
the scheduled rental day
20% of the estimated basic rates
2 days or the day before
the scheduled rental day
30% of the estimated basic rates
On or after the scheduled
rental day
50% of the estimated basic rates
*The maximum fee of cancellation: 6,480 yen (6,000 yen excl. tax)
*For more information, please inquire the following address.
Before departing from the office
A rental agreement will be prepared. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the office staff. After confirming the contents of the rental agreement, please write your signature on it. Check if there are any scratches or dents on the car with our office staff before departing. Adjust the seat and mirror, and remember to fasten the seatbelts in both the front and rear seats.
Returning the car
Before returning the car, please fill the tank up with petrol at the nearest gas station. (If refilling the tank is not possible, you will be charged for fuel based on the actual mileage traveled.) After arriving at the office where you return, our staff will check the car for any scratches or dents. Overtime and/or other charges/refunds will then be balanced. Make sure you have all your belongings with you.

Midterm cancellation

  • Midterm cancellation

If you would like to return the car before date of your schedule, please contact with the office you have rented and obtain permission from us.

International driving license

  • International driving license

A valid international driving license is required for drivers for driving in Japan. To drive in Japan, you must have either of the following licenses:

About international driving licenses

Insurance / compensation
and Deductible Compensation systems

  • Insurance coverage

In case of an accident, the following amounts are payable as the maximum amounts covered by insurance.

Bodily injury liabilityUnlimited per person (including the amount
covered by the automobile liability insurance)
Property damage liabilityUnlimited per accident
(50,000 yen deductible)
Vehicle damage liabilityActual cash value per accident
(50,000 yen deductible; 100,000 yen for buses and large trucks)
Bodily injury indemnityUp to 30 million yen per person*1
*1 Compensation will be paid for injuries to passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the degree of the driving responsibility (up to 30 million yen: the amount of damage will be calculated by the insurance company based on the terms of the insurance policy).
*The deductible amount and the amount of damage not covered by the insurance shall be covered by the customer.
* Insurance does not cover cases applicable to exemption clauses in the terms of the insurance policy. It may not also cover accidents that do not have an accident report issued by the police.
Deductible Compensation System
Deductible Compensation System fee: 1,080 yen (1,000 yen excluding tax)/day (24 hours)
By applying for this system, the customer is exempt from paying the above deductible compensation for damage liability in the event of an accident.

The amount that exceeds the insurance limitation, etc.

The amount of damage not covered by insurance or the amount that exceeds the insurance limitation shall be covered by the customer.

  • Cases in which insurance is not paid
  • An accident that has not been reported to the police (an accident without an accident report issued by the police)
  • An accident caused by a driver not registered as one at the time of renting the vehicle
  • An accident caused while driving without a driving license
  • An accident caused while under the influence of alcohol
  • An accident that has occurred after the original rental period has expired and no advance notification of extension has been received
  • Other cases that violate the TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo rental agreement

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

  • Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

In the event of an accident, theft or defacement of a vehicle, and it needs to be repaired and/or cleaned, the following fee will be charged as part of compensation for lost business during the time of such repairs/cleaning.

●When the rented car is driven back to the scheduled office:20,000yen*
●When the rented car is not driven back back to the scheduled office:50,000yen*
* If the car is not returned to the office (e.g. left on the street) even if it is drivable, 50,000 yen will be charged.
In the event of an accident, theft, defacement, deliberate damage or neglect of equipment, and if it needs to be repaired or becomes unusable, the customer shall pay part of compensation for lost business during the time of such repairs or until a replacement is arranged. (Tax exempt) Child car seat: 2,500 yen

Crackdown on illegal parking in connection with amendments
to the Road Traffic Act

  • Be sure to park your vehicle
    in paking lot for a short time.
  • An illegal-parking ticket will be attached to the vehicle if it is left on the street even for a short time.
  • In addition to the police, private contractors also issue illegal-parking tickets.
If an illegal-parking ticket is attached to the vehicle
Report to the police
  • Report to the polce station shown on the illegal-parking ticket.
  • Go through the formalities and pay the fine.
When you return the vehicle
  • When returning a vehicle that has been found to be parked illegally,
    present the documents received at the police station,
    as well as the receipt for the fine.
*TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo will contact you when we are contacted by the police.
If you fail to complete the formalities before returning a vehicle
You will be reported to the police, the Public Safety Commission and the Rent-a-Car Association; any further requests to rent vehicles shall be refused by all offices of Toyota Rent a Car and member companies of the Rent-a-Car Association throughout Japan.
*If you fail to complete the formalities by returning the vehicle, you will be charged an Illegal Parking Fee of 25,000 yen for passenger cars and 30,000 yen for medium-sized and large vehicles, as specified by our company.
Regarding of matters relating to title, it describes on the Article 17・the Article 25 of The Terms and Conditions for Rental and Subsidiary Rules.

Customers with an implanted
cardiac pacemaker or the like

  • Customers with an implanted
    cardiac pacemaker or the like

When a customer with an implanted cardiac pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator (hereinafter referred to as a pacemaker) uses a vehicle equipped with the Smart Entry system, it may have an adverse effect on the pacemaker. Please consult TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo ( when making a reservation.