Tomakomai office info MAP

Located in Tomakomai city. Select here if you arrive at Tomakomai harbor by ferry.

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office info MAP

Address 〒053-0052 Shinkaio-cho 3-3-2, Tomakomai
Access Along Route 36, next to the Tomakomai office of SAPPORO TOYOTA .15-min by car from JR Tomakomai Station
TEL 0144-35-0100 Hours 8am - 8pm (Apr 1st - Oct 31st)
8am - 6pm (Nov 1st - Dec 30th)
8am - 4pm (Dec 31st)
8am - 6pm (Jan 4th - Mar 31st)
FAX 0144-35-1103 Closed Jan 1st - Jan 3rd
Drop-off option
Drop-off from other office is available.

Map of surrounding areas

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