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Do you feel uneasy about driving in Japan?

How do you feel in case of unexpected trouble or car accident? Even if you have a good sense of locality, you would be anxious what to do.

We provide a brief description of our car rental and Japanese Traffic rules when you pick up a car at an office, however you would be confused when you have an accident included in flat battery or flat tire.

We recommend Full Coverage Insurance Option which is included in Technical Roadside Assistance Service. JAF is the most popular Roadside assistance service in Japan and it assists you in 12 languages via a 3-way call between you, us and an interpreter. And also, you will get the coupon book for discount or services in Hokkaido. We offer JAF card rental at a flat rate at 540JPY per car rental.

We hope that you will enjoy driving in Hokkaido all the time!

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