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Why don't you come over for having delicacies?


Good News for you!

"Autumn Fest 2016" has been held in Sapporo, and it is a good chance to have many many delicious foods in this month only! (Sep/9 to Oct/1)

We say autumn as "autumn appetite" in Japan because of lots of foods in season.

Why don't you visit Hokkaido now for beers, wines, cheese, meats, oysters, scallops, crabs, and other delicious foods!


Look at the website! It must make your mouth water! 牡蠣.JPG

 Autumn Fest 2016 : http://www.sapporo-autumnfest.jp/

 * It is held at 1chome(1丁目) and 4-11chome(4-11丁目) in Odori Park.

Please click each block from 1 and 4 to 11chome for what kind of foods are sold.

Accordingly, there are variety theme at each block, like 1chome for craft beers and German beers, 5chome for Ramens and some others, 7chome for alcoholic beverage and snacks, 10chome for meats, 11chome for delicacies from variety of countries. And every weekends music events will be held on the stage at 6chome.


When you visit there, it would be better to leave your car at your hotel, or please use local parking lots in Sapporo. (Illegal parking fee costs about 20,000 - 30,000JPY!)

ザンギ.JPG  焼ける前の肉.JPG  屋台.JPG    肉串焼き.JPG         海鮮.JPG  

 Sapporo Underground parking lot : http://www.sapporo-chikagai.jp/access/

 TEL : 011-231-3733 (punch in the navigation)


When you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. 
Hope you can also enjoy Hokkaido autumn!                                                                                                                                       イブドラやきいも.jpg    和風パフェ.JPG 


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