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class : RV (SUV3 class)
Car Model : HARRIER
Capacity : 5 people
Engine Size : 2,000cc
Fuel Consumption : 14.8km/L
Tank Capacity : 60L
Size : length 473/width 184/height 169cm
* The measurement of fuel consumption is based on JC08 mode run (figures examined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
* Fuel consumption may vary by car type.
* Car types differ at each shop.

All vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation, ETC device, and CD player as standard.

Features of this car

  • AT
  • Non-smoking
  • 4WD standard equipment
  • Car navigation
  • Regular gasoline
  • Height of car is over 155cm
  • * Your rented car may be different from the picture.
  • * All the cars in P class (passenger car), W class (wagon type), and SUV class are equipped with GPS car navigation and ETC system. All cars are equipped with automatic transmission.
  • * To activate ETC system, you can either use your own ETC Card, or rent it at the pick-up office. (330JPY/rental, 10% tax included)
  • * Non-smoking car can be selected for free.
  • Off Season
  • Peak Season
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6hours 12hours 24hours 48hours
Extra 1Day Extra 1hour Monthly
Deductible Compensation Double Protection Package Model Selection Option
1,100JPY/24 hrs.1,650JPY/24 hrs.1,100JPY/24 hrs.

(JPN YEN/10% Tax included)

* Monthly prices include deductible compensation.
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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