Reasons Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo is NO1 in Hokkaido

Here are the reasons!

Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo offers a variety of services to make customers satisfy for their needs.

No.1: A full lineup of packages to suit customer needs

Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo offers a range of rental packages, such as the seasonal discount package to choose from various car types and the new Vitz Jewela package with a back monitor and air cleaner, which is exclusive to female drivers. Many other good deal, convenient packages are on offer.

No.2: Get more discounts by joining TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Membership!

Join TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Membership! You can get discount the moment you have completed our simple registration process. The rate of discount will increase with use. Second time members will be given a 3% discount even though on the season discount package, and after reaching 100,000 yen or more for the total amount, members will get a 5% discount on the already low-priced discount rate.

No.3: Car navigation/ETC devices are standard features! Options are in full lineup!

au Wi-Fi SPOT

A car navigation/ETC devices and CD player are equipped as standard, We offer a variety of equipment and options, such as child car seats and ski/snowboard racks, to meet the demands of our customers.

No.4: A full lineup of cars for your various needs.

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