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Valuable membership - Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Member

The Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Membership program offers discount rates for those wanting to enjoy driving in Hokkaido. Members will be given up to five percent discount on the basic rate of reservations. This is also applicable to those who want to specify car models. Furthermore, it is also applicable to the discount package.

Membership registration 500-yen discount on the first rental upon registration

Stage2 3% discount for a second rental

Stage3 5% discount is applicable after the total rental amount reaches 100,000 yen or more

Simple registration by just entering your password when making a reservation

Even if you’re not making a reservation, all you have to do is enter your basic information (e.g. your name, address and telephone number) and password.

* The rates include the deductible compensation fee and consumption tax.
* Some campaign rates are not valid with the discounts offered.
* Discounts are not applicable to Vitz, Passo and Belta models in the P1 class, Isis and Wish models in the W1 class, and Aqua and 1.5L Prius in the HV1 class.

Make your account with TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Membership!

Both registration and annual membership fees are free of charge. Therefore, we recommend you register. Once registered, you will be sent a mail magazine with information about discounts.

Shortcut to enter your name and other basic information every time.Quick reservations

This is particularly convenient for regular customers. Total amounts will be also displayed.

  1. When you log in, your user name will be displayed.
  2. Discount-related information will be shown.
  3. Entering your basic information (name, address and telephone number) is not necessary each time.

Even more economical mail magazine coupons

We offer valuable coupons in our mail magazines, which are valid with discount packages and other discounts.

  • The privileges are available only when an online reservation is made by the member in person via this website.
  • The Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Member privileges are not applicable to reservations made by phone, at an office or by email.
  • The above conditions do not apply to cases in which an online reservation via this website cannot be made due to system failure or other causes.
  • The Toyota Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Members privileges are applicable to hybrid cars, passenger cars, wagons, and RVs. (Discounts are not applicable to cars in the HV1・HW1・K・P1・SP1・W1・T1 classes.)
  • Discounts are not applicable to monthly rates, some campaign rates, reservations that do not satisfy conditions.
  • The information of members who do not reserve a vehicle via this website for a period of three years will be deleted, based on our personal information regulations.
  • The privileges are not valid with discounts available with JAF or HERTZ membership discounts.
  • Members will receive a confirmation email upon membership registration and when they make/alter a reservation.
  • TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo Loyalty Member is registered by the member’s e-mail address and password; membership numbers are not issued.
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